Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Love this time of the year. Browsing through zillions pictures from the fashion weeks in NY, London and Paris(altough we'll have to wait for that one a couple of weeks more).

LA Fashion Week is in two weeks. Such a sad excuse for a fashion week. People here don't know how to dress, that's for sure. But they never say no to an opportunity to flash their new abs/surgeries/ lovers.

But nevermind the sarcastic tone, I'm probably going to be there. We all will, drowning in free drinks and white powder, la-di-da.

Pic: Burberry Prorsum ss2010. Gotta have this. Avy, what do you think?


Aurora said...

absolutely true Winona, this white trash-way of dressing in LA is getting on my nerves.

Anonymous said...

I detested that show, so shabby!

AVY said...

You know I don't like that shit. I wasn't born to be sofisticated and sleek... however, now I know what to get u for your b-day. XX.