Sunday, September 27, 2009


Woke up at someones floor in a house which I later found was located in the outskirts of Silver Lake. I was lying with my face right down on the black shag rug and I could see blonde hair and stains from unknown liquids on it. Sitting up I realized why my head felt like Dresen post 1945, on the table; a big pile of white powder.

Fuck, did it again, obviously. While searching for one of my Margiela glass slippers (oh, the irony) I heard sounds from a nearby room, on a round bed, a woman with huge silicons and long blonde hair was slowly fucking some guy. The only sound was her heavy breathing. I think the guy was asleep, or maybe passed out. Thought for a second about joining in but then realized, I'm not really into plastics.

Was this the remains of an afterparty? Must have been a good one, considering the bite marks on my neck and the empty bottles everywhere. I left witout my left shoe, and if some prince finds it, he can keep it.

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